6 Tips to learn to better manage your feelings in the early stages of a Relationship

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This is it, you think you have found a person who could match you. As for your meetings, you begin to attach themselves to this person, and then… STOP! Let us not be too hasty. To avoid time losses, disappointments, and injuries, you need to learn to manage and control your feelings emerging. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1) Talk about the relationship with God

Did you learn anything? Any relationship has to start with prayer time, especially if you feel that you begin to attach to the person. It is very important to ask God if it is meant to stay in your life or if, on the contrary, this is not the person that He has reserved.

2) Don’t get carried away

You’ve met someone, and it’s a good thing. But it should not be on fire at the risk of wiping a great disappointment. Nothing serves as already imagine a common future. The number of children you want, you’ll be talking to later! To start a relationship, it is very important to keep your feet on the ground and don’t move too fast. It is not useful to speak of this man as the love of your life to your friends. Gentlemen, there is no point to tell your friends that you want to marry her. A lot of relationships fail because they have evolved too quickly. The two people have not taken enough time to learn to know before you commit.


3) not to declare his feelings

If the feelings are emerging, it is still too early to declare it. Share his / her feelings with the other remains a big statement. And if your feelings were not reciprocal? Take your time before declaring that person what you feel. Think about how you will express yourself. Even if this does not commit you to anything, to declare your feelings, it is making a great step forward in the relationship.

4) Know what the other thinks of you

To manage their feelings, they also need to know what are the feelings of the other person towards you. Wait until he or she talks about it or then, start the discussion in order to know where is this person. You need to be on the same wavelength. Having feelings for someone when it is not reciprocated can be very complicated to manage, and sometimes very painful…

5) Do not make that person a priority

If you attach to a person, and you begin to give him the first place, be sure that you will start to develop feelings more quickly than expected. It is important to manage the time you spend with one another, especially in the early stages of the relationship. There is no need to see you and speak with you H24, at least, not from the start. You may attach too quickly…

6) control without withdrawing

Manage their feelings, it is also to sort between what to share and what should be kept secret. It is not to withdraw completely and let it shine through an attitude distant and cold. How can this person teach it to you know if she should face a wall? Be wise and measure. It should not be too much to show you, but it should not be too much to contain.

Manage their feelings may seem difficult or even impossible. But the Holy Spirit can help you to be discerning, wisdom, and balance. If you feel you pack in a relationship that may not be approved by God, please don’t hesitate to take your distance and ask the Lord to help you keep your feet on the ground.

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