NF – Thing Called Love Mp3 Download

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NF – Thing Called Love Mp3 Download

Before his rise to stardom, NF unpacks the complicated two-faced nature of love in a poetic and lyrically inclined song “Thing Called Love”. Nate ties together the complexity of one of human’s most powerful emotions by showing the good, bad, and the ugly. The realistic portrayal of love in this song closely relates to his new hit song “If You Want Love” on his latest album Perception.


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This thing called love can be so cold
It can be miserable, or it can be beautiful
This thing called love can be so cold
Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s crazy
This thing called love

[Verse 1]
Check, check, ayy, listen!
Yo, love is like a drug that everybody uses
You wanna know the outcome—depends on how you use it
Love could be your best friend, love could be your enemy
Love could be the thing you wish you had, but you don’t ever see
And love can be the reason why you’re afraid to have it
Some say it like it means something, others it’s a habit
And some would say it’s tragic, and some would say it’s beautiful
Some would say it’s black and it’s dark like a funeral
And some would die for it, some don’t think it’s even real
Some say they understand, but really don’t know how it feels
Some say that it’s alive, some say that it can kill
But most of us that been in it know that sometimes it will
I ain’t gonna sugarcoat it, yet sometimes it might surround you
One minute it’s savin’ you, next it’s tryin’ to drown you
Some people want to show it, but were never taught how to
And some of us is searchin’, feelin’ like it never found you

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