NF – One Hundred Mp3 Download

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NF – One Hundred Free Mp3 Download

Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Perception is the third studio album by Michigan rapper NF and here is a track from the album which he titled “One Hundred“. Listen and download below

Genre: American Gospel, Gospel Rap



NF – 3 A.M Mp3 Download


Hey, I’m on a hundred right now

[Verse 1]
They say the flow is soundin’ like a mixtape
They ain’t see it comin’ like a fast break
They ain’t see it comin’ like Jordan hittin’ jumpers, yeah, they ask me

“When that new music ’bout to drop?”
Ain’t that what I gave you last week? (Last week!)
Yeah, oh, you done it now
Feels like I’m comin’ up, but spit it like I’m underground
Wonder how I come into your city like I run the town
Love the sound
Started on the stage, now we in the crowd, woo!
Yeah, what’s with the hype though?
Told me that your record was the greatest, but you lied, though
Told me they consider you a god, yeah, well I don’t
Say you never lived until you found something to die for, woo!
Yeah, and that is so true
Forget the haters, remember people you’re close to

Now I’m doing things they told me I ain’t supposed to
They treat me like a player, that’s funny, I’m here to coach you! (Coach you!)
Go back to the bench, know where you belong
Say that you’ve been practicin’, well maybe you should do it more
Say that you the boss, yeah? Well, who did you employ?
All these sucky rappers—I don’t listen to, I’m so annoyed!

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