NF – Like This Mp3 Download

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NF – Like This Free Mp3 Download

Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. The Search is the Fourth studio album by Michigan rapper NF and here is a track from the album which he titled “Like This“. Listen and download below

Genre: American Gospel, Gospel Rap



NF – No Excuses Mp3 Download


[Verse 1]
Yeah, holding back
Yeah, I’ve always been good at that, unattached (Yeah)
Waiting for what’s coming next, things I know I should address
I feel more together when I am a mess (Whoa)
Got some moments that just came and went
Made amends with you, then you overstepped
That’s a line you never shoulda crossed, you got no respect
Stop with all the threats
Like the more I get to know you, I just know you less (Yeah)
‘Nother city I don’t know well
Feeling too much like my old self
Backsliding, backsliding
Got me in the sad feels, got me at a standstill
Too much time alone is when it gets real (Ah)
Future doesn’t pop up, then the past will
Outside, that’s the rear view
Now I’m going downhill (Yeah)
Don’t know who I’m close with
Going through the motions
Don’t know who to trust when I (Yeah)

I lie to myself and I, I can’t handle it
Why do I waste so much time on things that I can’t fix?
All these things I hold inside I just can’t forget
Thought that I could let this go

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