NF – Just Like You Mp3 Download

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NF – Just Like You Free Mp3 Download

Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. “CLOUD” being NF’s first mixtape and project release of 2021 which comes almost two years after the release of his highly successful album The Search. Here is a track off the album which he titled “Just Like You“.



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[Verse 1]
It’s strange the way the mind can wander, but also stop to gossip
And chat with memories that you and me aren’t really fond of
Maybe you’re out to find love, maybe you lost who you was
Maybе you’re just like me and feel thе need to stay in your rut
‘Cause if you left it, you might feel like you’re no longer you

It’s so impressive, the way the mind can play with the truth
It’s interestin’ that nobody can walk in your shoes
But still relate and feel the same, so in a way, guess we do
You ever think about what it would be like
If the clouds were gone and you could see light?
If the door was open, would you take flight
Or just close the curtains up and stay inside?
Take a walk with me, take a risk with me
I’m scared too and it gets so tempting
When you’re so empty, to disown everything
You hold dearly when you know clearly
You been so buried in your own fairytale
The soul’s tearin’ bunch of holes in me
I relate to it, but in case you been
Thinkin’ no one does, here’s a great theory
Throw a Hail Mary, let ya mind fly
To the sun rise, could be so scary

Make your faith vary, feel the pain glaring
But the weight carried ain’t in vain, hear me? (Hear me?)

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