NF – Just Being Me Mp3 Download

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NF – Just Being Me Mp3 Download

Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. NF has released another unique track which he titled “Just Being Me“. Listen and download below

Genre: American Gospel, Gospel Rap



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[Verse 1]
Feels like I’m in the sky
Flying over clouds or somethin’
I don’t smoke weed, but you could say I’m high on somethin’
Its like this music is my addiction, I call it my nicotine
What you’re witnessing is an addicted fiend and it sickens me (AH)
Just a lame as how you picture me
Give me that microphone and I’m gonna rip it so viciously
Ain’t you hearing the chemistry?
Ain’t it ironic I brought up chemistry?
Cuz I was never good at math but I’m ill with the melodies

[Verse 2]
Since I was a kid, I had a dream that I would make it
I spent thousands of hours writing music in that basement
Even though I’m broke, you know why I still chase it?
Cuz once you get a taste of it there is no replacement
Yo, I don’t rap, so millions of people will like me
I rap, cuz there’s millions of people just like me
If you think I’m out of my mind, I ain’t gonna argue, I might be
But I’m not on the stage just for people to sightsee

I’d rather die than let this dream go to waste
You can tell that I ain’t playin’ by the look up on my face
The world wants to tell us who we are and who we ain’t
But the person that I am is somethin’ you can never change
Yea I’m just being me, yea
I’m just being me, yea
I’m just being me, yea
And this defines me
Look into my music and you’ll find me

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