NF – I Miss The Days Mp3 Download

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NF – I Miss The Days Free Mp3 Download

Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. The Search is the Fourth studio album by Michigan rapper NF and here is a track from the album which he titled “I Miss The Days“. Listen and download below

Genre: American Gospel, Gospel Rap



NF – Hate Myself Mp3 Download


Mm, mm
Mm, mm

[Verse 1]
I miss the days when I had a smile on my face and
Wasn’t so caught up in all of the small things
Wasn’t so adamant that I could handle everything alone
And wasn’t so cautious and always exhausted
And actually listened to things that my heart said, heart said
Ridin’ my bike, just ridin’ my bike
Not overthinkin’ my life
Not always wonderin’ if I’m a likable person
Or someone that nobody likes
Not always stressed about money or losin’ my job
Or scared I ain’t makin’ a flight
Not always goin’ to bed every night
With this knot in my stomach that never unwinds
What happened to me? Yeah, what happened to me?
When did I start to believe I wasn’t worth it
Then question my purpose to breathe?
Wonderin’ who I should be
Happiness out of my reach
Scared to get back on my feet
Need to get rid of what’s detrimental, but it’s hard to let go
When the thing that hurts you help you get to your dreams

See, I miss the days when I wasn’t so faded
Love wasn’t always invasive, I could embrace it
Just innocent, waitin’, not always livin’ in anguish
When did I break and become overtaken?
What was the moment I caved and
Gave away all of my faith and made a replacement?
I miss the days when, I miss the days when

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