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NF – I Just Wanna Know Free Mp3 Download

On “I Just Wanna Know,” NF details many rough relationships he has experienced in his life. He explains that he “just wants to know” what caused him and his friend to part ways. The song shares a very similar beat and message as “Got You On My Mind” and “Wish You Wouldn’t,”



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[Verse 1]
Only time you ever call me
Is when you feelin’ like
“Don’t nobody else wanna listen”
When’s the last time you saw me?
You probably don’t remember that
‘Cause that was back then, you were different
I don’t wanna hear the sorries
I’m tired of all the talkin’
To be honest, I would rather see a difference

Yeah, you pass me in the hallway
But you ain’t say a word to me
Lately, all I ever feel is distant
You don’t care that you lost me
What’s wrong with ya?
Had a picture of you sittin’ on the dash in the car with me
Now it’s in my closet with the other ones
Sittin’ in a box
 I don’t wanna open up
You took it all from me
Told me you would die for me
Yeah, all you ever do is lie to me

Wish that I could say that this has come as surprise to me
Told me that I never took the time
And now you ain’t got the time for me, yeah

I just wanna know oh, oh, oh, oh
When did you get so cold? Oh, oh, oh
What happened to your soul? Oh, oh, oh
Don’t you see me? (See me, see me)

[Verse 2]
We used to talk like best friends
I remember that
I guess I don’t know what happened to us
Now you got me questionin’ what trust is
You told me you would be there for me
Yeah, but you ain’t really mean it, did ya?
Now you wanna jump ship
Leave me here alone
Well, I’m used to it
Everybody else did
Who you havin’ fun with?
Don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know
Every time I ask, I just feel sick

You’re the one that jumped in
Told me you had feelings
Now you tryna tell me that is not true
I ain’t gotta clue who I’m lookin’ at right now
But I know the person that I’m lookin’ at is not you
Yeah, they say that you are who you hang with
Maybe that’s the reason you been changin’
Maybe that’s the reason why I’m feelin’ like you’re dangerous
And every time we talk it’s like I’m talkin’ to a stranger, ah

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