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Alone is music from NF Album I’m free ep.

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NF Alone (feat. Sean Simmonds)



To be honest
I feel completely alone
Like nobody knows me
Nobody understands me
You know I’m saying
It’s kinda like this
Check it out
I’m a little bit numb
Little bit frozen
Walking amongst you
But nobody knows it
Nobody knows me
I’m lost and I’m caught in a cold dream
And they don’t see
That I’m walking around so boldly
‘Cause nobody out there knows these
Thoughts in my mind
Am I wasting my time?
I know I won’t survive
Hold me
‘Cause I’m bleeding to death
I got these holes in my chest
I feel like no one respects the fact
That I’m up to my neck
I’ve done my best but still yet
It seems like I’m out in the cold
Look at me froze
Here on my own
Please don’t let me die here alone
I cannot face this alone
I can’t get by on my own
Lost in the moment
Life in a coma
Lying a rest
See my life getting colder
I’m alone
But that gone nowhere
Living in a prison and my mind’s so scared
I don’t wanna be this way
I don’t wanna feel this way
I don’t wanna die this way
While my dismay
Wish I had wings so I’d fly away
Nothing around me
Up with the clouds
I’m the real definition of drowning
My pain and my ag keeps pounding
How’s he even living in the state he’s at?
Left the pain so I never go back
But it’s right here
And it’s quite clear
Man it’s not leaving
Does anybody hear me?
I can not face this alone (I need you [x2])
I can’t get by on my own (I need you [x2])
I can not face this alone (I need you [x2])
I can’t get by on my own (I need you [x2])
I was a little bit numb
Little bit frozen
Kinda hard to see when your eyes ain’t open
How you gonna breathe
When your sin keeps choken
You to the point that you feel hopeless
Hoping things will turn around
Kinda hard to fly when you laying on the ground
Jesus is the only reason
Any of us is breathing yeah
So y’all get down
You ain’t gotta live your life in the cold
Thinking nobody out there knows
What you been through
Where you been to yeah
You ain’t gotta live alone
He’s messiah
He’s creator
Ain’t no one out there greater
Forget about them haters
Accept Christ
And make your change of
‘Cause you ain’t gotta die this way
Let him wipe them tears right from your face
Life’s a dream
So you better get back on track in what the words
I’m saying
Give him all your pain
Give him all your hurt
Faith is way more than going to church
Making your money and going to work
You don’t give it to God
You watch everything burn
And this ain’t no game
Living without him is just so insane
People they living for money and fame
Think that we changed
‘Cause we living the same
I don’t wanna be alone
Kept and cold
I’m so broken
I’m so froze
But no longer
‘Cause I got my Jesus and he makes me stronger
I can not face this alone (I need you [x2])
I can’t get by on my own (I need you [x2])
I can not face this alone (I need you [x2])
I can’t get by on my own (I need you [x2])

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