NF Album: Perception Mp3 Download Zip

NF Album: Perception Mp3 Download
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Perception is the third studio album by Michigan rapper NF. After many fans suspected the album title would be Perception-based on information found in the “Green Lights” music video, NF officially announced that the title to be Perception on August 25th, 2017.

NF released three singles, “Outro,” “Green Lights,” and “Let You Down,” then premiered “One Hundred,” at the Therapy Session Tour 2017. The album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes and Billboard Top 200 charts.

Perception marks NF’s first No. 1 album on the Top 200, beating out the likes of Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits the week he died and Lil Pump’s debut album. It was also NF’s first gold and platinum album certifications from the RIAA, received March 22nd, 2018 and January 11th, 2019 respectively.

NF Album: Perception Mp3 Download

NF Full Album: Perception Tracklist Download

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