How do I know God’s will for my life ?

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What is my calling? How to know the will of God and know what He expects from me?

God has a plan for each of us

Did you know that God had a project for all of us? The Bible mentions many times that our destiny is in His hands, and we reserve very good things (Jeremiah 29:11). We are not born by chance. We all have a role to play and something to bring to this planet earth, who is in good and evil. A gift, a talent, a phone call: God has put in each one of us a special provision for the cause of the Gospel. However, some may have the impression of not having received anything. God, did He have forgotten? No There’s nothing planned for your life? Far from it! As said by the famous diction, the ways of the Lord are inscrutable… That is why some are aware of the plans of God for their lives from a very early age, while others, much older, still do not know what they are called. Yes, our situations are different because our spiritual lives are different. In addition, the Lord reveals Himself in a multitude of ways. But anyway, as soon as we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we must necessarily seek to know what He calls us to walk in our destiny.

Are you ready to enter into the knowledge?

But be careful, God is revealed to those who seek him with a sincere heart. Do you really want to enter into His plans? Do you want to really make His will a priority in your life? God’s plans are not to be taken lightly. The sacrifice required may be difficult to accept. That is why the Lord expects sometimes that we have the maturity and the consecration enough to entrust us with Their projects. If God has not yet revealed what you intended, perhaps it is because He is expecting more from you. Enter into his call, this is to draw a line on a lot of things and accept the sanctification and consecration to full-time. There’s no more turning back. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross you can use as an example. In giving his life for us, Christ has agreed to submit His own will to the will of the Father to the meeting. Would you be willing to give up everything for God? Would you accept His plans, even if they are the opposite of what you imagined? Knowledge breeds responsibilities that you need to be prepared to take.

So, how do you know?

Enter the intimacy with God

If you want to know what God is calling you, it is to Him that you need to ask the question in the first place, and not to any other department. Many Christians make the mistake of making their application to a variety of spiritual authorities, so that the person to whom we should turn, first of all, is the Lord Himself.

Pray and fast

When you request something, God expects us to him demonstrate the eagerness with which we want. Do you want to know what is the will of God for your life? Either. But at what point do you want to know His plans? You must spend time alone with the Lord, sharing your wish, and prove to him that you want to know His plans more than any other thing!

Read the Bible

Also, take the time to meditate on the Word and study the way in which God is addressed to the characters in the bible to tell them what was His will for their lives. Abraham, Esther, Samuel, Paul.. there are plenty of examples!

Live in agreement with the Word

Your life is in agreement with the Word of God? Do you live in sanctification? Have you abandoned this thing that God has asked you to give up? Obedience is better than sacrifice. Take the time to “regularize your situation,” and put your life in good standing before the Lord.

Talk to a spiritual authority

If you feel that something is blocking and despair does not always have the answers, talk to spiritual authority, worthy of trust, who will help you and guide you in the best possible way. But if, and only if, you have already spent time in the presence of God.

Know how to listen and recognize the signs

The Bible says that God speaks in a multitude of ways, but that we do not take heed (Job 33:14). Thus, it may be the Lord you did It already revealed to several times what It was called. Perhaps you even already noticed a few signs, but by fear, or for any other reason, have refused to accept them. It is important to learn to listen and to recognize the divine signs. For example, it may be that the projects God has for you are attached to your gifts or talents. Pay particular attention to all these details. God is never in the way we expect!


The time of God is, unfortunately, not ours. Please be aware trust the clock of the Lord: He is never late. He always waits for the perfect moment to reveal to us His plans. So, be patient and wait for your time. Do not compare yourself to others, because each situation is different. Prove to God that you desire to know what He expects of you, and you can be assured that It will eventually reveal himself to you!


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