Hezekiah Walker – How Much We Can Bear Mp3 Download

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Hezekiah Walker – How Much We Can Bear  Mp3 Download

How Much We Can Bear is a beautiful piece of music by  old time favorite gospel singer Hezekiah Walker. The NY Pastor has been recording great works since 1985 —that was over 20 years ago. Hence the title of Walker’s lastest album, the commemorative anniversary album, Live in New York: By Any Means Necessary

Genre: Pop

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[Verse 1]
If in your life you are going through
And don’t know really what to do
Just call on Jesus He will see you through
For He knows
Jesus, He knows

[Verse 2]
If there is a trial that has come your way
And you are looking for a brighter day
Just call on Jesus He wil make a way
For He knows
Jesus, He knows

How much we can bear
Jesus, He knows how much we can bear

He knows
How much

How much


We can bear

We can


Repeat Vamp

Jesus, he knows how much we bear

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