Hezekiah Walker – He’s On Your Side Mp3 Download

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Hezekiah Walker – He’s On Your Side Mp3 Download

He’s On Your Side is a beautiful piece of music by  old time favorite gospel singer Hezekiah Walker. The NY Pastor has been recording great works since 1985 —that was over 20 years ago. Hence the title of Walker’s lastest album, the commemorative anniversary album, Family Affair II – Live At Radio City Music Hall Album.

Genre: Pop


Hezekiah Walker – I’ll Make It Mp3 Download


[Verse 1]
Troubles come and troubles go
Long nights, me pacing the floor
When will these problems ever end
Where can I find a friend;
For Jesus Christ will abide, He’s on Your side

[Verse 2]
Sometimes dark clouds fill my sky
People don’t always know why
That’s when I hear down in my heart
Jesus, my Lord won’t depart
For He’s always been my guide, He’s on my side

He’s on your side
He will be with you in trouble
All your prayers He will not deny
He will hear your faintest cry
He’s on your side

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