Hezekiah Walker – Don’t Wait Mp3 Download

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Hezekiah Walker – Don’t Wait Mp3 Download

Don’t Wait is a beautiful piece of music by  old time favorite gospel singer Hezekiah Walker. The NY Pastor has been recording great works since 1985 —that was over 20 years ago. Hence the title of Walker’s lastest album, the commemorative anniversary album, Family Affair II – Live At Radio City Music Hall Album.

Genre: Pop


Hezekiah Walker – When We Get Over There Mp3 Download


[Verse 1:]
Why you ridin’ in your car
Frontin’ like a baller
Makin’ people think you all that
When you know it’s not like that
But now the voice in your head gets thick
And you never heard it sound like this
Telling you to try to make haste
Cause your soul’s at stake better move don’t wait

You need to make up your mind… Don’t wait
You seein’ the signs… Don’t wait
Why you takin’ your time… Don’t wait
Tomorrow’s not promised… Don’t wait
You’re already prayin’ to God… Don’t wait
So why you makin’ it hard… Don’t wait
Just take one step And let ’em in your life

[Verse 2:]
People messin with your mailbox
Got the whole world on lock lock
You now seeing what you lack lack
Because we’re under attack (tack)
Now you wanna get your life on track
Don’t let nobody hold you back
All you gotta do is pray
Tell ’em that you can’t wait another day

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