Does one have the right to be angry with God ?

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Have you ever been angry at God for something that happened in your life, or conversely, something that has not happened? Many of us have experienced this situation, including the characters of the Bible. But is it really allowed us to be angry against the Lord? Is this justifiable in the eyes of God or do we sin against Him whenever we want?

What is anger?

The Dictionary defines anger as an emotional state violent and passenger, resulting in a feeling of an attack, an inconvenience, reflecting strong dissatisfaction and sometimes accompanied by reactions brutal. It is a human emotion that we can’t defeat, even if we are Christians. Anger is not a sin in itself; it is the result of this feeling and its means of expression that may lead us to sin (acts, thoughts, words,…). This is why the Word of God encouraged us never to lie down on a feeling of anger (Ephesians 4:26). When the anger is directed towards things wrong or against the sin, we can speak of a “holy anger” to learn of a powerful emotion that can cause us to stand up against that which displeases God. This was the case for example when Jesus overturned the tables of the temple, as merchants had settled in the house of God (Matthew 21).

“If you get angry, and sin not: let the sun doesn’t set on your anger, and do not give place to the devil.”

But what is it when our anger is directed against God, the very embodiment of love and goodness? It is necessary to examine the reasons for this resentment. Why do you feel angry at God? Normally, we get angry at injustice. We feel that what happened was not earned and that we’ve been injured. We have the impression that things would not have had to happen that way. Then God has He done something wrong?

Is it ok to get angry with God?

Answer this question by placing us on the point of view of a person who knows God. Many of those who do not have a relationship with Jesus, have a tendency to get angry at Him. Just read the comments of some atheists: it is not difficult to see their hatred shine through. Most of the people in this world have experienced injustices and unpleasant things. Many, for example, are angry with God after having lost a loved one who did not deserve to die so early. The reasons can be very diverse: pain, illness, grief, frustration, injustice, terrorist attacks, poverty in the world… Even after we become Christians, there surely were times when we are angry against Him: when we felt alone or that we had the impression that He was not listening to our prayers, to cite only a few examples…

However, the closer we get to God, the more we change. The thoughts we had when we were in the world are not the same. This is why we understand that it is never a good thing to get angry at God.

God is the only being, against which we can’t be angry

God is perfect. It is the very definition of love, peace, faithfulness, goodness, mercy, and justice. Even when His decisions cause us to suffer, it is never He who is in the wrong because there is not a shadow of evil in Him. God is the only person that we will never be disappointed. He is the One who wants us to be good, and only good! The main reason why some Christians are angry with God is that they don’t understand why they are in the throes of suffering. They refuse to bear their cross and wish to God that though is not guilty of anything. Our anger against Him is due to the fact that we are neither omniscient, nor omnipotent, nor omnipresent. We do not know everything and do not know why God allows that we met in the tests. Think of the bodybuilders or athletes. They don’t get angry against the pain that they feel when they lift weights or do intensive physical exercise. They don’t shake their fists in blaming God for not having been born with muscles already drawn! They understand that this is part of their journey and that suffering is necessary: “no pain, no gain,” they say, often with a smile.

When we come to understand who God is, the trials that we go through when we follow him also become a part of our journey. We have chosen to follow Jesus, for better or for worse, for richer as in poverty, in sickness, and in health. We know that everything He does for us is good, and everything that He has plans for us things to work out for our good (Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11, James 1:13). We also know that He is at our side in every test (Joshua 1) and began the battle with us (Exodus 14:14). The apostle Paul even describes suffering as a form of communion with the Lord who suffered for us (Philippians 3:10). Job had lost everything: his children, his house, his fields, his servants, his animals; And yet, He didn’t get angry but he just thanked God. It is an attitude that we should all have.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken; that the name of the Lord be blessed !” Job 1.21

God has a heart

So, what is it that makes us think that we are entitled to annoy us and make us angry against a God so loving and good?

He sent His Son to die for us while we were guilty of sins (John 3:16). When we are not at the height, He continues to show himself faithful. When nothing will go in our lives, It is the shoulder we can cry. He promised to stay with us and never leave us (Hebrews 13: 5). He has promised to meet our needs if we place in Him our trust (Psalm 25:3). There is no valid reason that can justify our anger towards Her.

We make mistakes, suffer the consequences, and we the blame for this. But we must remember that although it allows for evil in the world, God is still an ever-present origin. His justice is perfect and different from that of men and this is not because we don’t understand His plans that we are right to be angry with him.

Around the world, people hate God, the insulted, the injured with their thoughts or their critics, defile His name, laughing at Her Son, laughing at His Word, and blaspheme without judgment. Yet, He is patient and continues to bring Salvation to those who decide to follow him. If there’s someone who would have the full right to be angry, it is Him, and this for all the times we have sinned and disobeyed.

God is not our enemy. Thus, the next, the next time you are tempted to get angry at Him, repent and believe in His heart. Our heavenly Father is already the hate and anger of billions of people on the earth. Should it be subjected to these resentments on the part of His own sons and daughters?


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