Christafari – Love Of My Life Mp3 Download

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Christafari – Love Of My Life Free Mp3 Download

Christian reggae band, Christafari was formed in 1989. It is centered on the personality of ordained religious minister Mark Mohr, an American, born-again Christian. Until the age of 17, Mohr was a Rastafarian. Here is a piece from the band titled “Love of My Life”.



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I will wait for you, (Ooh) cause that’s what my Lord would have me to do. Don’t awaken love before its time (Song 2:7, 3:5 & 8:4). (Ooh) A love like yours is sweeter than wine (Song 1:2-4 & 4:10). Even though I am asleep my heart is awake (Song 3:1 & 5:2). (Aaah) And I will remain faithful for my Father’s sake. No one likes the taste of tainted wine. (Aaah) A love like yours is so very, very hard to find. (Aaaah)

Oh my Lord I’ve been searching for the love of my life (3x). I’ve been searching

The very first time I met my love. (Ooh) Well it was just as if descended a dove (Song 1:15 & 2:14). Well I’ve been waiting my whole life for you to come along. (Ooh) And you put in my heart the melody for this song. (The melody for this song) (Song 1:1. And so I sing this song to you as I fall on my knees, (Aaah), I’m begging you to spend forever with me. And now we take our vows before God and man, (Aaah) united forever that’s my Fathers plan (Aah) (Matt 18:4-6)

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Oh my Lord I was searching for the love of my life (3x)
I was searching

Everyday I fall more in love with you. OOOh. I hope that when you look at me you still feel that way to. (Aahh). And as the years go by- (Aahh) I hope that when I sing this song tears still fall from your eyes

Oh my Lord, You’ve given me the love of my life (2X). You’ve given me the love, Yeah! You’ve given me the love of my life. Thank You Lord. You’ve given me the love. AAAH, AAAH (repeat). Said I don’t need, oh, not a thing more, my Lord. Oh, not a thing more (repeat). (I) say thank you. My Lord. Thank you. All, all my, all my life, You are. All, all my, my life. You’ve given me, You’ve given me the love. You’ve given me the love. Yeah

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