Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix
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in This article, we will list out the best Christian movies to watch on NetFlix

1) Overcomer

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix
Coach of a basketball team in a high school, John Harrison volunteered to help a teenage girl struggling to win the great race of endurance.


2) Breakthrough

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix
The true story of the unlikely remission of a child drowned in a frozen lake, after having passed a quarter of an hour underwater.


3) King’s faith

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

While it seems to have hit the bottom and he worked in a prison for young people, Brendan King is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Out of jail, he struggles with his grief and finds comfort in a family home. At school, he is supported by a group of young believers that he attends. However, the ties with her former life are still very strong…

4) The Grace card

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

In an instant, life can change. This is what happens to Mac, a police officer whose son died at the age of 5 years, accidentally killed by a drug dealer on the run. His anger and resentment gradually destroy his relationship with his wife and his other son, Blake. But one of his relatives will help them to see the end of the tunnel…


5) The voice of forgiveness

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

In Texas, Bart Millard, 10 years old, abandoned by his mother, must be subjected to the daily violence of his alcoholic father. Years later in high school, his passion for music gave him the opportunity to escape away from his father, along with his group. Will he find enough faith to forgive his father?


6) The moment after

A film that tells the day of the removal and that all Christians should see! The moment after opens up to massive extinction of individuals that occurred in a blink of an eye, and that seems to be the entire planet. In the aftermath of the disaster and confusion, the FBI is called in to lead the investigation and search for the “missing”. For agent Adam Riley (David White) this investigation is going to take a turn in a very personal…


7) The moment after 2

In the New World Order, who can you trust? The government? The private militias? The “religious extremists”? After his escape surprise from death row, former FBI agent Adam Riley found his friend Jacob Krause, who leads “The Way”, a small remnant of Christians not really aware of the forces that seek to destroy them…

8) the voyage of The pilgrim

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix
Christian begins a long journey of initiation from the city of Corruption as far as to the distant celestial City. To achieve his goal, he will have to go through numerous trials and thwart the traps of the evil Apollyon.


9) Amazing grace

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

In England, at the turn of the 19th century, William Wilberforce, elected at a very young age to the House of Commons, is entrusted with the mission to abolish slavery. Torn between his political career and his desire to devote himself to God, Wilberforce seeks guidance from John Newton, a slave repented, and author of the famous hymn “Amazing Grace”…

10) Samson

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

After that, a prince philistine killed his bride, Samson, a young Hebrew with supernatural strength, decides to sacrifice himself to avenge his love, his people, and his God. Released in 2018, this film dramatic biblical directed by Bruce Macdonald traces the story of Samson in the book of judges.


11) I’m not ashamed

Best 12 Christian Movies On Netflix

In Littleton, Colorado, the young Rachel sees his father leaving his family in the middle of the night. His mother is debate then financially and encourages her children to pray for help. Rachel begins to walk personally in the faith and to share with his loved ones the hope that the anime, including those who will become his murderers…

12) The wings of victory

This film tells the story of the life of the Christian missionary Eric Liddell, in China, after his victory at the Olympics and during the Japanese occupation. Even today, the commitment and the faith of Eric Liddell are still in the memory of the Chinese in spite of the persecutions that Chinese Christians have come to know over time.

And you, what are the movies that you advise?

The editorial in’ recommends that you :
– The movie War room, the highest-grossing film of 2016 to learn how to pray as we should.
– The film Thou shalt not kill, which follows the true story of a soldier caught between the desire to follow his faith and serve his country.


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