8 Bad Reasons To Marry

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“I can not stand the loneliness,” “my age is” advanced, “I don’t want to be the third wheel of the carriage or holding the candle.” Have you recognized in one of his sentences? Today we live in a society where, although divorces are every day more numerous, the majority of people dream always find great love. Christians are not left out: they want to marry, so much so that we sometimes have the impression that they want even more than the other! If this is your case, know first of all that there is no harm in wanting to enter into the ways of marriage. God declares in His Word that he is not good that man should be alone (Genesis 2:18). Marriage is a divine institution and is so fully a part of the plan that God has for man, but it can very quickly turn into a disaster if we run after him for the wrong reasons! Here are 8.

bad reasons to marry

1) The pressure of his family

Many Christians seek to enter into a relationship because of the criticism of their loved ones. They are the subject of remarks and comments fort derogatory about their celibacy. They suffer each day as a form of pressure from their family, who constantly ask the famous question : “so, the wedding is when ?”. Well, not for tomorrow and even, perhaps, forever, if this is not your desire, or that you have the gift of celibacy! Marriage is a very important choice: do you agree never to bring fun to your family! If you wait, they will wait with you and if they complain, they can still go to file their complaint with the Lord and put your situation in prayer.

2) The advanced age

We receive daily many messages from Christians who, at the young age of twenty years, are concerned about still not be married. That should say thirty, quarantine and more who still doesn’t have a ring on your finger? Should they look for the issue? Certainly not. Please be aware that there is no “right” age to get married. The perfect age is not 23 years old or 25 years old, but the age that God has chosen for you! Be patient and tell you that it is better to marry late, but with the right person, that of marrying early, but marrying someone who will make us suffer for our whole lives!

3) For the beautiful ceremony

Oh, how beautiful are these marriages that appear on our news feed as soon as one logs on Facebook or Instagram! These ceremonies make you dream about? So are we! Does this mean that you should be looking to get married tomorrow to reproduce the same thing? Absolutely not! Marriage is not a ceremony. The festival lasts for a day, a weekend, a week at most. But the union that you are going to scellér it lasts a lifetime!

4) The desire to have children

It is a fact that we have been able to find with the fair sex. Many women feed the desire to marry for the sole purpose of conceiving a child! It is true that God calls the couple to reproduce to build beautiful families. However, if this reproduction is the only purpose that you are looking for, you will be a major problem because the wedding is not just for children. What will happen to your couple when they are there? Your husband will be abandoned? If there is an imbalance in your relationship to parenting, you may place your children on a pedestal, to exercise over them a pressure affective unhealthy to fill your own lack emotional, which is not only toxic to your home but will also be your husband. In short, your home will be unbalanced. Having children can be one of the purposes of your couple, but if it is the sole and single purpose that you are considering, you run after the marriage for the wrong reasons.

5) commit fornication

In 1 Corinthians 7:9, the apostle Paul encourages all those who are incontinent to marry, for fear that they do not fall into fornication. The reality is that marriage is not a solution to your problems of sexual intercourse, masturbation or pornography. It is true that once married, you will have the ability to have relationships, and that this desire will be in the party met. However, if you have not previously set your problems fornication, don’t expect to see them disappear after they are married! You must deal with these problems well before we get into the ways of the wedding, at the risk of hurting your partner. Even with the ring on your finger, some of which are still bound to pornography, masturbation, and in the worst case, have not been able to resist the temptation to go elsewhere and are thus rendered, infidels.

6) The evolution of our status

Whether it be for financial reasons, to get papers, legislative, to move from one social class to another or for being called dear Sir or Madam, will you marry never for the purpose of change of social status! Marriage is a commitment that we take for love, and for a specific purpose: leave it up to God’s seed of spiritual walking in the specific vision that he gave his couple! If you get married for the purpose of change of social status, don’t be surprised to see a few match problems with your partner by little.

7) Because you can see his loved ones marry

Maybe you have already endorsed all the possible roles in the wedding of your friends! You have been invited, bridesmaid, witness, valet parking, or makeup artist… but when will you simply or the groom(e)? It is true that it is not always easy to see his friends and his family get married, so it’s been years that we do not always see anything coming for us. Even in this situation, know that God has made everything beautiful in its time! Rejoice in the happiness of others because yours will too happen! If God allowed them to be married before you, it’s for a good reason. Do not begrudge not because no one knows if they will be truly happy… to each his grace: today it is them, tomorrow it will be you!

8) To fill the loneliness and be happy

As for fornication, do not hope that the marriage can satisfy your sense of loneliness or allow you to find happiness.

9) Because we don’t want to start from scratch

Maybe are you currently in a relationship for years and preparing a wedding, knowing that this union is not what you need. You tell yourself that you’re already too far in the preparations, you are afraid of losing everything you’ve built and start from scratch, but you know that this marriage is not what God wants for you. If this is your situation, this last point is aimed at you. These different forms of pressure you may be led to put you in a relationship with this person too quickly. You have developed strong feelings without taking the time to consult with God first. You refuse her “no”, because you have the feeling to be in love but deep down inside you, you know that you are wrong. Please be aware that marriage is a commitment that, when it is done with the wrong person, can break a life. As long as you are not married, there is nothing between you and that person and God does not recognize your union official. So you still have the opportunity to go back! Even in front of the altar, you have the option to say no, regardless of what people will say. It is the choice of a lifetime and it is up to you. It is better to 1000 engagement was broken off as a marriage.

Each of these different arguments reveals bad reasons to run after the marriage. If you are recognized in one of them, we encourage you to take the time to reflect on your motivations. You still have the possibility of making a good marriage. Others would like to be able to say as much because they realize too late that they had not been married for reasons that are healthy. Learn from their stories and do not reproduce make the same mistakes.

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